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What you'll get from this eBook:

  • Learn about the 4 readiness criteria—Stakeholder Education, Return on Investment, Transition to Online, and Class Delivery—that determine if you're ready for virtual training delivery
  • A 12-question Yes-or-No triage that will identify your readiness for virtual trainingand if you find that you're ill-prepared in Stakeholder Education, for example, give you tips on how to remedy the situation
  • Discover the 3 methods you can use to communicate virtual training's ROI to your stakeholders
  • 7 key questions to ask when choosing and evaluating virtual training vendors
  • 5 important skills that online instructors must have—this is particularly important if you're preparing in-person instructors for virtual training
  • Combined with the in person training vs. online training savings calculator, this eBook will put you on the path to determining if online training is right for your organization.
Have you been considering the move to virtual training
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